About us

Eco Green Plastic (Ecoplast) is the leading filler master-batch manufacturer and one of the largest and most reputable CaCo3 powder manufacturers in Vietnam. We have been in the business for the last 15 years. We have our own stone miles and own large production line with capacity to produce 90,000 tons of Filler Master-batches and 250,000 tons of CaCO3 powder per year. In addition, we are also distributor of all kinds of chemicals and additives such as LLDPE, PP, stearic acid, PE Wax, APP, Zinc stearate and Vistamaxx.

We export our products to many markets including India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Phillipines, Myanmar, Indonesia, South Africa, UEA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Canada and Kenya, Nigeria Morocco.

We possess modern and advanced production technology following European standards. "Quality of Products determines enterprise’s existence and development" is always our slogan. We also have well-trained and highly skilled production, operations, and quality control engineers with average of 10 years of professional experiences. Our engineers are graduated from reputable universities in Vietnam, Australia and Europe and possess various certificates from plastic organization and authorized institutions. We set high quality standard for all of our products and we comply strictly with quality management standard ISO 9001: 2015.

90 000 tons


250 staffs




40 countries